Thursday, December 9, 2010

teluk anson

They called it 'theatre' those days.Probably stage performances were still in vogue at that time. But with the advent and influx of Western movies in the late 50s, its name quickly became catchy like a 'movie theatre'. But somehow the 'theatre syndrome' stuck for some time.
So it continued as 'movie theatre' or 'cinema theatre' to us, whichever popped out of our mouth first.

Enough of that! The theatre above from Teluk Anson. Stripped bare and desolate. A stone's throw from where I stayed was known as the 'Royal Theatre'. Later it was refurbished and changed to the 'Capitol Theatre'.

Today its deserted. Looks haunting and 'daring us to go in hear' its story. The 'Phantom of the Opera' reigns within.I challenge you to stay a nite to call my bluff if you dare.*Smile* Only kidding.

I walked around the massive building, silently and sentimentally thinking about it and of the days it used to be.

The doors were padlocked but I was not keen to go in anyway.It was in such a poor state of disrepair and neglect. It seemed to be nobody's job to maintain it.I could only conclude that it would be left like that indefinitely. Probably to the mercy of vandals and creatures of the night.

The town has lost its glitter because of severe soil erosion by the river that has been slowly washing away the town.
It is sinking and the population is being pushed further and further into the hinterland.

The meandering river over the years had 'eaten' a large chunk of the town, unabated and getting more ferocious in recent years.

The land is flat and too alluvial and too far gone to be worthy of any 'rescue effort' by the powers that be. Geological experts have advised against rehabilitation because of the astronomical costs it entails to save the town.

Only course of any pragmatic action left is to mitigate floods by constructing and building up more levees or embankments. But it is an exercise in futility too. For very soon it would also be washed away to the sea.

But its man against the mighty forces of nature. In most cases if not all, nature prevails above everything else.*Sigh*

But I will always remember enjoying 'The Alamo', 'Bridge on the river kwai' 'Attack' 'Blue Hawaii' and many other others that brought so much fun to us in our growing years.

Scrambling for tickets, rushing for the midnite shows, cheap matinees in old capitol theatre.
Thanks for the memories.

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