Tuesday, April 14, 2009

7 Wells of Serendah, Selangor, Malaysia

It's a piece of engineering feat and marvel conceivably constructed by the British Government probably immediately after the war to support the Alluvial Tin Mining Industry by mitigating the flood situation in Serendah. 

It is unique in design and definitely a great Tourist potential today who would be awed by it all.

'Serendah' means low lying and obviously it was at one time susceptible to constant inundation from nearby highlands.

The 7 wells situated before the falls are of varying heights for water to flow in if there is heavy rain thereby regulating the volume of torrential rain that comes down from the hills.

Vertical concrete wells were embedded into the river bed and water that flows into it will gush out through a watergate of 7 outlets plunging about 3 meters into a pool.

Obviously this place is very dangerous and off limits to swimmers. God knows what will happen if they are sucked down one of these 'sink' holes. I have not heard of any human tragedy but there were stories of animals like cows drowning in it.

As for mysteries and hauntings, maybe some one out there can enlighten us. Every place built before our time surely has an eerie story to tell.

There were many Tin mines in the vicinity of the river at one time in history. The place was heavily forested with large canopys overhead and the river itself flowed into
deep holes wedged in by big boulders and virtually disappeared underground.

It was very hazardous to swimmers and picnickers at that time.
When I visited this place a few years ago it was in a sorry state of neglect.The place was overgrown with lallang.

The river was full of twigs, broken branches and debris threatening to clog up the wells. There were also no clear signages and boards to direct or warn people of the danger of the pools.

This scenic place is ideal for nature walks and it is a crying shame to by pass it on the Tourist map.
Probably things are changed today and hope they have spruced up the place to boost the tourist trade.

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cavingliz said...

Thanks for posting this. It is the only factual site I have found on the 7 wells.

ky cheah said...

you are most welcome friend.regards

nadge said...

Oooh terima kasih utk posting ini. Saya orang Selangor pun tak tahu ada tempat berbinaan menarik seperti ini. Serendah bersejarah ;-)

ky cheah said...

Apa khabar, nadge.Saya tak pergi situ sejak beberapa tahun lah.Dan harap pihak berkuasa telah buat banyak perubahan utk mencantek tempat tu! Sayang lah kalau tidak.Satu tourist potential yang hebat!Yah.